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  1. The Proof: The Facts they Don't want you to Know
  2. Testimonies: When Hardest of Hearts soften
  3. Evangelism: Learn to be more Effective
  4. Servitude and Shepherding: Be a better Friend or Leader
  5. Movies: Must see Christian movie list
  6. Persecution and Crisis: ...both Personal and National
  7. True Biblical Doctrine: Where Denominations and Bible clash
The Proof: The Facts they Don't want you to Know
The Topics:
Jesus' Existence and Resurrection:

The Case for Christ (dvd): Is there evidence to confirm that Jesus was indeed the son of God and savior of the world? Lee Strobel, an atheist and legal editor for the Chicago Tribune weighs the evidence. His legal expertise guides Lee's investigation, to see how the evidence would hold up in a court of law. Lee Strobel's 2 year investigation drives him from atheism to his knees at the foot of the cross. Atheist turned Christian, Lee Strobel is author of the Gold Medallion award-winning best seller, The Case for Christ. And this video by the same name is a fantastic watch for both Christian and non-believer alike. By the way, this dvd has tons of great info in the extras and special features. 

Creation vs Evolution:

 There is so much info out there about creation science, all it really takes is Google or Yahoo. And in case you didn't already know, yes, its true there is two scientific camps and not just one as you may have been taught in school.
Dear Christian brothers and sisters, remember that our faith, though it is faith in the unseen, it is NOT a blind faith. We have provided links to a few of the many websites as well as video resources that outline the science of creation. Any skeptic will be hard pressed to counter the facts of modern discovery when only armed with their theories and assumptions of how it all began.

Intelligent Design - DNA: "Anyone who truly investigates the mystery of the DNA molecule -- this incredible micro, digital, error-correcting, redundant, self duplicating, information storage and retrieval system, with its own inherent language convention, that has the potential to develop any organism from raw biological material -- understands that life is the result of Intelligent Design. In light of recent discoveries such as the DNA molecule, the absurdity of the evolution argument is readily apparent when its basic formula is compared with that of the creation model of origins."


The Bible's Validity:


America's Christian Heritage:

America's Godly Heritage (David Barton): You may be aware of the false notion that has been gaining momentum over the last couple decades that suggests our nation was NOT founded on Christian principles and the Bible, or that our country's forefathers were anti-religionists. This couldn't be further from the truth. This video "America's Godly Heritage" is a fantastic resource that exhibits the writings by many of our country's forefathers, early presidents and those who had a hand in creating our Constitution and Bill of Rights. This documentary also shows the statistical decline of our nations society since the 1960's, the decade where the expelling of religion, prayer, the Bible and Ten Commandments from public places and schools began and continues today. This video was released in the mid 1990's and is even so much the more relevant today. Note: There is a tremendous amount of info squeezed into a 56min program so be prepared to rewind now and then to better study the content that whizzes by. We also recommend you watch it more than once. If you have trouble finding a copy of this video, there is good news for Netflix members. Not only does Netflix carry this DVD, but this title is also available among their instantly stream section. That means no waiting for the DVD to come in the mail. Stream it today directly to either your PC or Netflix friendly device, such as the Roku, network BluRay, TiVo or XBox 360.


TestimoniesWhen Hardest of Hearts soften



Evangelism: Learn to be more Effective




Servitude and Shepherding: Be a better Friend or Leader


Movies: Must see Christian movie list

Matthew: The Visual Bible brings you "Matthew". This movie is about the life of Jesus BUT is scripted from the book of Matthew word for word. Has that ever been done before? This is by far the best film about the the life of Jesus made yet in our opinion. The acting is realistic, the script Biblically accurate, and the image of Christ himself was executed and is perceived better than any other 'Jesus' movie we have seen. And for once Christ wasn't given long hair. The emphasis for accuracy in this film is evident. WARNING: The one down fall for this movie is that the NIV version of the Bible was used for the 'Matthew' script. We suppose it made for better dialog, however, even though an inferior Bible was used it still seemed to work. As far as we can tell, in this case, it didn't badly effect the accuracy or essence of the story.

Fireproof: This Christian made/based movie tells the story of a couple who struggles to continue in their love and avoid divorce. This film also delivers a strong message for salvation. Fireproof can remind us whats important in a relationship and can rekindle the love for your spouse and why God should always come first. Even if you are single, by watching this movie your eye could be opened to some answers  you may already be seeking. Are you the Lord of your life, or does Jesus sit on the thrown? Stop trying to solve issues without Christ. We need to know how to have a proper relationship with our savior first. Only then will we be equipped to face the obstacles of life. Note: Although we recommend this movie, we do NOT advocate the corrupted gospel message of those involved in the making of this movie.


Persecution and Crisis: ...both Personal and National


       Christians will always be faced with hard times just as everyone will in their lives. At times it may even be harder for the Christian due to persecution by those that hate us. Just because you accept Christ as your savior doesn't mean that hard times won't come. I would also like to say on a side note, if you have or plan to become a Christian for what you may benefit from it, that is to say in order to improve your quality of life, you will be greatly disappointed. If your motive to coming to Christ is for what you can get out of it, or that you feel it may make your life easier, you are doing it for the wrong reasons. The ONLY reason that a person should come to Christ is so that they can be rescued from eternal separation from God in Hell. God came to us in the form of man and suffered in our place so as to pay the sin debt we owe, not so you can have a worry free life. Yes, it is true that Christians have the potential to have a much fuller life while still here on this Earth, but that's not what salvation in of itself is all about.
Imagine this: A man takes a plane to fly away on business. The flight attendant comes to him on the plane and hands him a parachute and convinces him that it will improve his flight. Both as an act of faith in the flight attendant and a hope that it will make his flight more enjoyable, you puts the parachute on.
He immediately begins to feel the wait of the pack on his back and finds it very uncomfortable to sit in his seat with it strapped to himself. Sitting there frustrated he notices that the other passengers are pointing at him and laughing at how foolish the man looks sitting there with a parachute strapped to his back. Finally in a fit of rage and frustration the man stands up, takes the parachute off and throws it to the floor. He then sits back down very angry and bitter, feeling that the flight attendant lied to him and swears never to put another parachute on ever again.
The man was disappointed because he put it on for the wrong reasons. But had the stewardess instead came to the man with urgency explaining that the plane was going to crash and at any moment he would have to jump from a few thousand feet, instead the man would eagerly put the parachute on not minding the weight of it or how people make fun. Because he knows that at any minute he will be asked to jump for his life and so he gladly clings to the parachute just the more because he knows its his life line.
Dear Friend, the reason you need Jesus is not to improve your journey, but to save you from the wrath that is to come. And dear Christian brothers and sisters, if you really want to do your fellow man a favor by witnessing to them about Christ, remember this story and draw them in with the correct motive and not the silly  enticement of a better life.
Jesus did say that He came so that they may have life and have it more abundantly. But if we only show people the latter, than when they put Christianity to the test and hard times come, or they are persecuted for going to church or praying, they will stomp on the faith and it will be very hard to earn their trust back again. I also want to make it clear, I don't believe a person can lose salvation, but its a matter of genuine salvation through repentance and placing your full trust in Christ and Him alone to save you from Hell. By these means only can a person truly be saved and he won't ever turn his back on his faith.

-Bro. T.B. Moffitt III

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (DVD) Many people have no clue that there is another scientific camp that our American society in it's public schools, institutes of higher learning as well as the media press, and of course science and medicine DON"T want you to know about. The people of these arenas have worked hard for decades to indoctrinate us and our children into their "science" of theory on how life began, and have furthermore fought to suppress the science of FACT in which shows clear evidence of intelligent design.
If you have any doubt in your mind of such a conspiracy, that there are those in high places with the agenda to strip our freedom to speak out, to show and teach the staggering evidence of intelligent design, you need to see this DVD.
Ben Stein hosts this documentary and interviews well educated persons from both sides of this argument of evolution vs intelligent design and further speaks out on the topic of this suppression of information that struggles to reach the ears of Americans, and why this is.
A great amount of new scientific evidence has emerged since Darwin’s 150-year-old theory of life’s origins. Darwin had no concept of DNA, microbiology, The Big Bang, Einstein’s Theory of Relativity or of the human genome. This information needs to be known. Our people have been brain washed for decades, and we have to tools to fight it. Had they not been taught that God and creation was but a fairy tail, how many individuals, just maybe, could have come to have a relationship with their creator. Its time we bring down the walls of deception and exposed this conspiracy of indoctrination.


True Biblical Doctrine: Where Denominations and Bible clash

King James Bible: First things first... lets talk about why the King James Bible is far superior to all other English translations. Why does that matter, you ask ? There are many reasons for the existence of differing denominations and doctrines. And one of the many reasons for that, we believe, is the fact that we have so many contradicting modern "translations" of the Bible. How can one be convicted in their heart of any particular matter if the "bible" they carry doesn't include, or has altered the necessary information upon this or that matter?  
   Now, before going any farther we must be clear where we stand and don't stand concerning the KJV. Although we do believe in the inerrancy of scripture, we won't take the position that suggests the KJV is without error, neither do we believe that the KJV is in any way equal to the content of the original Greek and Hebrew. The original autographs are the ONLY Holy inspired inerrant scripts. However, through unbiased research anyone should very clearly come to the same conclusion, that the King James Version (KJV) is absolutely superior to any other English translation to date.
   Since the information concerning this topic is extensive, we won't be posting original content here on the subject. Instead, we plan to make available links to other websites that outline the information for you. But first, a word from Bro Tom:

Hello everyone,
   I'm glad you have taken the time to read more about the King James topic, and I wanted to share something with you all. Years ago I read a fictional story that was designed to get people whom are in support of modern translations to think. You see, the biggest reason I hear from others as to their reasoning for studying or reading from modern translations, is that the wording flows better, its easier to read and in some cases easier to understand.
Read the following example and take a moment after to reflect on it's illustration:

  Once there was a missionary in a small far away village . He cared so much for the people there and wanted them to know the Bible and of course, how to get to Heaven. So he began translating the Bible into their native language.

But he began to bump into problems. For instance when he came to Luke 15 he pondered to himself, “These people don’t know what a sheep is,. How do I teach them the parable of the lost sheep, if they don’t know what a sheep is?" Then he remembered his missionary training. "I can do one of two things." he thought, "I could teach these people about 'sheep', make up a new word for it in their language and hope they understand . Or I could find a sort of equivalent for a sheep they could relate to better and replace it thusly." He decided the second was easier so he found an animal the people cared for that he felt was appropriate, a guinea pig.

He translated the whole Bible this way, finding dynamic equivalents wherever he felt it was needed. Finally he published this "Bible" and gave it to the people of this village. They loved their new Bibles very much and read them every day. Some after becoming Christians, even decided they would leave the village and move to where they can go to a school to learn more, and perhaps do their part to pass this wonderful book to others.

One day one of these students returned to his village and angrily confronted the missionary demanding explanation. "Why did you change the Bible?" he asked. "The Bible doesn't’t have guinea pigs and jungles, you liar!" The missionary replied, "But I thought you wouldn't understand..." the student answered, "No! You told us lies about what God said and the things that supposedly happened! How can you expect any of us here in this village to ever trust you again?" And the people no longer believed the words of the missionary and all those years of work was ruined. The missionary went back to his own home, disgraced.

You have two choices as to how to bring the gospel to others. You can tell them God’s words and help them to understand what they mean. Or you could change the truth to make it easier for them and hope they never find out. 
... But what will you do if they find out it’s not true?

I'm not sure where this story originated, but thanks for reading.
Bro, T.B. Moffitt III