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Bro. Tom
05-25-2020 11:03:14 AM PST
*This is a special notice to the readers and followers from the co-founder: Hello, Bro Tom here, and I felt it important to inform you of some changes that we hope to make to this website soon. As you may have noticed, most of the site's content is missing at the moment. This is nothing to be concern about. Most the content will return eventually while we revamp the site's look and bring improved content and resources as time permits. Why the change? A: Although the goal for this site largely remains the same, we're considering new formulas and revisions in order to provide more consistent updates and valuable content from more grace-oriented resources. Next, we would like to update the aesthetics in a small way. I prefer to continue with a simplistic design during the beautifying process and also explore what can be done about content access and organization. Again, most the content that's been here will return, but with revisions and corrections. We look forward to providing a greater archive from biblically accurate teachers who stand on the simplicity and clarity of the true Gospel. I hope and pray it will be of benefit to you. Being more careful as to what voices or resources we allow here moving forward is paramount to us, no matter how popular or mainstream those in question seem to be. I realize that no two people will always agree on every last matter, but at E.L.M. we intend to be as clear and accurate as possible on the essentials, diligent concerning weightier matters and faithful in the handling of all God's word, yet gracious concerning non-essential matters. We hope you'll stick around, and thanks for taking the time to read this important update. Go with Christ, - Bro. Tom