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Bro T.B Moffitt III
12-03-2009 3:02:45 AM PST
Thanks for submitting your question Shmitty. Since its not a Bible question persay, I don't plan to blog it for now, but instead, I will post here some words I hope can be a help to both you and other readers. THINKING apon your problem its hard to give a perfect answer since I don't know the facts/truth of these matters. However, there are a couple things I'd like you to ponder as you face such hardships. FIRST, ask yourself how has your relationship with God been? Be honest with yourself. Are you living according to God's will outlined in scripture? Have you truely accepted Christ's sacrifice for your salvation, without excuse, naked before God in all your sin? FURTHERMORE, I would like you to consider this; example: Lets say one day as you were driving to work, you were 'pulled-over' by a cop who writes you a ticket, claiming you hadn't come to a complete stop at the last innersection. You feel this claim is false and the ticket unwarrented. But have you considered all the times you had previously been guilty of many other traffic violations that could have yielded fines, but you had never been caught in the act? NOW, you may say "sure, but its still not fair", well, here is my point. . . It may be possible God has allowed situations into your life attempting to bring your attention to many other matters in your life? I know in my life there have been times, I believe, perhaps God let bad situations in my life, because by them God was able to bring my attention to areas of my life than needed correction. And during those low times I did see things that needed fixing, and God increased wisdom unto me. I will pray for you brother, that you will prayerfuly seek and find the wisdom that perhaps God may be wishing to grant you. Good luck and God bless. Go with Christ, - Bro Tom

Smitty   jasonlee5896@aol.com
11-30-2009 1:40:31 PM PST
My name is smitty. im facing prison for something i did'nt do. Have been abandoned by family and just feel abandond by God. I would like advise on dealing with life when life has been taken from me wrongly. jasonlee5896@aol.com

Bro.T.B. Moffitt III   emeraldleafministries@gmail.com
09-08-2009 11:14:14 PM PST
No need to register! Submit your questions regarding the Bible, Christianity, moral ethics or anything more relating to such topics. Submit under your actual name, nic name or under 'anonymous'. Questions are then reviewed and aswered on our 'Founders Answer Blog'. Another way you may submit questions or even seek Christian Couseling anonymously or otherwise by email at this address: emeraldleafministries@gmail.com All this is always provided free of course and is an opportunity for you to seek answers you're looking for at your comfort level. We hope you will find this and the rest of our website a blessing and a help to you spiritual needs, and may God always get the glory. Go with Christ, -Bro. Tom

Bro. T.B. Moffitt III
12-31-2008 5:33:33 PM PST
Hey, I'm so excited! Its New years EVE, and our ministy's website is official! Though our site has been Live for a couple of days, we mark THIS day as our official founding day of our website and Emerald Leaf Ministries. I would like to thank fist and foremost God for allowing everything to come together to make this ministry possible. I would also like to say thanks to my wonderful wife, my family and friends for there support in this venture. I pray that God will use this ministry in a powerful way, to touch individuals lives and spread the trueth of God's word. I also pray that God would take hold of our ministry to make it and mold it into His will. And for all that is achieved through this ministry may all the credit and glory go to our Lord. Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR and may God richly bless you in the new year. Thanks.

Bro. T.B. Moffitt III
12-31-2008 5:09:17 PM PST
The Question and Answers Message Board Hey, thanks for stopping by! This is an opportunity for you to ask a question related to Christianity, the Bible, moral ethics and MORE! Anything that has not been already addressed in other sections of our website will be read from the message board and answered for all to read on Our Founders Blog (but only if its a new question, otherwise the answer will be pointed to from the message board). Questions that are choosen will be answered by this ministry's founder, Bro. T.B. Moffitt III. Bro.Tom, as we call him, is dedicated to giving the true honest answers, and is not swayed by a particular denomination, creed, popular belief or his own bias. The sources for answers should by way of FIRST the Bible, God's Holy Word (as it translates correctly from the original Greek and Hebrew); and second, by way of trusted historical facts and evidence. So rest assured, we will find the RIGHT answer.