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Bro Tom
10-25-2018 12:24:44 AM PST
*This is a special notice to the readers and followers from the co-founder Hello, Bro Tom here, and I felt it important to inform you today of some changes that I hope to be making over the next year to our website. First, I apologize that over the years activity and content on the site has been so little and inconsistent. There are several reasons for this, which I'll get to in a moment. As you may have noticed, most of the site's content is missing at the moment, but don't worry. Most the content will return eventually while we revamp the site's look and bring improved content and more resources Why are things being changed, you may ask? Answer: Although the goal for this site is largely remaining the same, the direction is under consideration for a slight revision in order to provide more consistent content updates and hopefully be of greater value to you. I would like to bring on more resources and links from good grounded, grace-oriented teachers and ministries in addition to the occasional articles I write. Next, I would like to update the aesthetics in a small way. I prefer to continue with a simplistic design during the beautifying process, while at the same time, seeing what can be done about content access and organization. Again, most the content that's been here will return, but with revisions and corrections. One of the most important things that's happened since our beginning near a decade ago is a refinement of accuracy and doctrinal integrity, not just in personal understanding but also how that message is conveyed. Christians are (or at least should be) always in a state of growth concerning our biblical knowledge and relationship with the Lord. Sometimes we bring along baggage from past exposures to teachers and resources by folks who may mean well, but who haven't taught us as accurately, concisely or completely as they could. Much of the time it is out of simple ignorance, but nonetheless, if it has any potential for conceiving inaccuracies or causes one to slip down a slope toward false conclusions then it must be addressed and corrected. I too carried baggage from being overly exposed to popular and typical narratives of varying theological persuasions. I've spent years in prayer, study and practice to refine the accuracy and integrity of my scriptural understanding, teaching, and speech for not only my own growth, but for the benefit of the listener. Though most of what I believed has remained in tact at its core, I'm excited for how the Lord has corrected and refined me in the areas I lacked. I'd be heartbroken to think that by any lingo, jargon, inaccurate application of scripture or conclusions, etc that I could have been guilty of inadvertently steering someone wrong in the earlier years of the ministry. If I have, I ask your forgiveness and pray that you'd stick around. We'll still be providing grace-oriented teaching, but minus the popular jargon or any cloud of confusion. I strongly believe that our understanding and sensitivity to these matters will greatly benefit this ministry and will be a blessing to you. Doctrine is so very important to myself and those who I continue to learn along side with. No more will we be mingled with or promoting any questionable teacher or resource, no matter how popular. I realize that no two people will always agree on every last matter, but we here at E.L.M. intend to be as clear and accurate as possible on the essentials, diligent concerning weightier matters and to be faithful in the handling of all God's word. We hope you'll stick around, and thanks for taking the time to read this important update. Go with Christ, - Bro. Tom