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We can't all be Pastors and door knockers. BUT, are you doing SOMETHING to share your faith with others on a weekly basis?

 "...this is NOT religion, its Salvation" 
Hello there and thanks so much for visiting our corner of the World Wide Web.
Our Mission at Emerald Leaf Ministries is: 1st, to share the true gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ, the only means to escape Hell and have a home in Heaven. 2nd, to encourage Christians to get involved in some way to reach others for Christ; to be bold with the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ our Lord, our God, our savior. Furthermore, that this be done in all humility and most loving way possible. 3rd, to provide tools to properly and effectively spread the gospel, to explore all possible avenues in sharing the Good News and provide learning resources for the believer to help strengthen and cultivate growth and maturity.
. . . STOP !  
CLICK THAT BUTTON before you go any further if you DON'T know beyond a shadow of a doubt that when you die whether you'll be going to Heaven, than you need to click 'How to KNOW You're Going to Heaven'. Ask yourself, if there was a way to know for sure how to get to Heaven, wouldn't you want to know about it? CLICK the appropriate button on the left because there is NOTHING more important than your eternal salvation. Think about it, you don't want to die in your sins and go to HELL. Your eternity is nothing to gamble with. One day you WILL die... wouldn't you like to have eternal assurance? So please, if your not 100% sure if even you were to die THIS MINUTE that you'd be in Heaven, CLICK that button. Anyone of us could be cast into eternity at any moment, at which point it will be too late to make such decisions. We all will spend eternity somewhere, so shouldn't you make sure you KNOW . . . ?





Bro. T.B. Moffitt III




We are also excited to introduce . . .
Emerald Hotline 

If you would like to share prayer requests, seek Godly counsel or even drop us a message of blessing and encouragement, you may do so by calling our Hotline. Please note: Although its totally free to use of this hotline, if your cell phone or land line plan lacks long distance or nationwide coverage, you may be charged by your provider. So please be aware, this is NOT an 800 service. Its a local Oregon phone number.

Leave a message with your prayer request or other reason for calling and if one of us is available, we'll attempt to return your call. 
(503) 722 - 5132




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Our next expansion is in the area of web video. Not much up yet, and we don't plan to make it a main focus of this ministry, but please do check back from time to time for more vids by looking us up by the name EmeraldLeafVids, or click on the link below.

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