"...this is NOT religion, its Salvation" 
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Our Mission at Emerald Leaf Ministries is: 1st, to share the true gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ, the only means to escape Hell and have a home in Heaven. 2nd, to encourage Christians to get involved in some way to reach others for Christ; to be bold with the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ our Lord, our God, our savior. Furthermore, that these things be done in the most loving way possible. 3rd, to provide tools to properly and effectively spread the gospel, and to explore even ALTERNATIVE, and maybe UNCONVENTIONAL avenues that few others have explored as means through which to seek the lost and present the good news of Salvation. . . STOP !  
CLICK THAT BUTTON before you go any further if you DON'T know beyond a shadow of a doubt that when you die, if you will be going to Heaven, than you need to click 'How to KNOW You're Going to Heaven'. Ask yourself, if there was a way to know for sure how to get to Heaven, wouldn't you want to know about it? CLICK the appropriate button on the left because there is NOTHING more important than your eternal salvation. Think about it, you don't want to die in your sins and go to HELL Your soul, your eternity is nothing to gamble with. One day you WILL die, wouldn't you like to have eternal assurance? So, PLEASE, if your not 100% sure if you died THIS MINUTE that you would be in Heaven, CLICK that button. Anyone of us could be cast into eternity at any moment, and then at that point it will be too late to make such decisions. We all will spend eternity SOMEWHERE, so shouldn't you make sure you KNOW . . . ?




Gimme the Proof ! Are you looking for the PROOF ?! Are you looking for the answers to the really hard questions? Or, perhaps you are not saved or know a person not saved and have remained that way because they have bought into much of the modern propaganda which contends the Christian faith, God or validity of Jesus Christ ?. . .Well then you need to visit our Proof, Testimonies and Resource Guide. But please be patient at this this time as this is a new website and haven't yet completed this section of our site. However rest assured, we are working hard right now to get the ground work up and will continue to add and update information as time permits. Thank you for your patients.

 Questions and Answers

Did you know that we have a Q&A ? Just head over to our Q & A Message Board. This is an opportunity for you to ask a question related to Christianity, the Bible, moral ethics and MORE! Anything that has not been already addressed in other sections of our website will be read from the message board and answered for all to read on Our Founders Blog  (but only if its a new question, otherwise the answer will be pointed to from the message board). Questions that are chosen will be answered by this ministry's founder, Bro. T.B. Moffitt III. Bro.Tom, as we call him, is dedicated to giving the true honest answers, and is not swayed by a particular denomination, creed, popular belief or his own bias. He strongly believes the sources for answers should come by way of FIRST the Bible, God's Holy Word (as it translates correctly from the original Greek and Hebrew); and second, by way of trusted historical facts and evidence. So rest assured, we will find the RIGHT answer.


A Message from our Founder...


   I'm Bro.T.B. Moffitt III, minister and co-founder of Emerald Leaf Ministries. I wanted to extend a special Thanks to you for visiting us today. My hope is that our ministry may be a blessing, a help and an inspiration to you. Check in with us from time to time as content may be added. New messages, questions and answers can appear on my Blog and in the Message Board. I would like the priority of our website to be to spread the good news of salvation and to encourage other Christians to get involved in some form of evangelism. With God's blessing, my goal is that this website might grow into a full bodied 'one stop' resource where born again Christians can come and get answers and the support they need, whatever their needs may be. My vision is to attract a community of individuals who love people and above all love God, and who seek the truth of God's word and righteousness. Our wish is to guide other believers as to how to share their faith in effective ways, while done in the most kind, loving and respectful manner toward the lost.

   Here are a few things about me:  I am a fully legal Ordained Minister. I am a red blooded American born Celt (wait, does than make me green blooded...? Hmm)  I was born and raised here in the state of Oregon by my grandparents. I came to a saving knowledge of Christ in my early teens, and rededicated my life to Christ around the time of my marriage to my wife Mindy. The Lord blessed us with one child together, a wonderful daughter who loves the Lord and will be going off to Bible college soon. We are also worked as foster parents for several years, so we've had other children whom we'd shared our home with over the years and treated them as our own. These children were also privileged to attend church with us and hear the preaching of God's inspired word. Though they were not required to participate in songs, prayer or any acts of faith, some of them did find faith in Jesus Christ and have by their own free will requested and voluntarily acted upon their faith. I also worked in children ministries in Church and I have a special heart for youth and families. Its all been a true joy to us and we hope to continue to be used of God however the Lord chooses, to be a blessing in the lives of local families for many years to come, God willing.

   The founding of this ministry began between 2008 and 2009 while living in a suburb of Portland Oregon and have lived in this state for all our lives. In 2012 we relocated about 3 hours away from Portland to the central Oregon area. We have done a little traveling throughout the country and Canada, and though we've enjoyed it, we are always glad to be back in Oregon. We're not sure if this is where God will have us to stay or not, but we are willing to go where He calls and makes clear paths.

   Although this website has not been a priority in recent years, we would like to revitalize it one day, if that's what God would have us to do. My wife Mindy has a very active Facebook page called "Beauty for Ashes" you may like to visit. She currently works in the health care field. She is a great women whom I am blessed to have. Things were not always so great in our marriage, but by being patient and waiting on the Lord to bless, mold and mature as we both were in much need early on in our marriage, our lives together are better than ever. And God gets ALL the glory and credit for all the ways he has blessed us and used us. 

   It's my belief that no matter how old a person gets or how many 'degrees' they have under their belt, you should never think of yourself as having "arrived" so to speak, or truly mastered any area of learning. I also believe a person should continue to learn and challenge themselves till the day they die, above all in spiritual matters, in their walk with Christ. I will never say, "I have arrived". I have been a student of God's word most my life and continue to joy in such learning and growth. It saddens me to see young people who suddenly stop growing, or perhaps even taking two steps back. And it also saddens me to see people middle aged or older 'stuck in their ways'. "Many moons ago...", if you got on the bad side of a Native American, they would wish upon you (curse you) with the words "may you stay in one place". Stop and meditate on those words for a moment . . . I pray that God will help me not to "stay in one place", that is in my spiritual walk with Him, never to become stagnant, but ever growing and moving forward. BUT, no matter how far or where I may go and grow, I also pray that God would never let me forget where I came from, the leasons I learn, nor to forget what is was like being young. I always want to be able to relate to others and see myself as on the same level with everyone I meet.  

Thanks for taking the time learn a little more about me. God Bless.



Go with Christ,

Bro. T.B. Moffitt III



We are also excited to introduce . . .
Emerald Hotline 

If you would like to share prayer requests, seek Godly counsel or even drop us a message of blessing and encouragement, you may do so by calling our Hotline. Please note: Although we don't charge for the use of this hotline, if your cell phone plan or land line telephone lacks long distance or nationwide coverage, you may be charged by your provider. So please be aware of this is NOT an 800 service. Its a local Oregon phone number.

Leave your message with a prayer request or other reason for your call so we may pray for you. Or request a call back, and if one of us is available, we will attempt to return your call. 
(503) 722 - 5132




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